We have developed software applications for a range of organisations including Toyota Australia, Schefenacker Lighting Systems, Concentric Asia-Pacific and UGL Rail Services.
Our team members have the industry experience and university level qualifications to meet the demands of our customers.

We have the capacity to develop new or extend existing applications.

Our team can offer services that covers all aspects of the software development lifecycle including:

  1. Requirements and Cost/Benefit Analysis - Capturing the needs of the customer and determine the costs and improvements of implementing the applications.
  2. Design - Planning the applications using industry standards such as Unified Modelling Language (UML).
  3. Development - Programming using VB Net, C#, Java, SQL, CATScript and VBA.
  4. Testing - Validation of newly developed applications to ensure all requirements have been met.
  5. Implementation - Deployment of an application can be performed on site by us, or we can provide an installation package to allow our customer to deploy the application.
  6. Maintenance - We are able to improve and upgrade any of our old applications on an as required basis.


Application developed for United Group Rail to scan through a CATIA product and rename all parts, products and components to the company standard. Generates a report outlining the changes and the current properties of all files.

Application to allow CATIA products to be exchanged between sites. Sender creates an export file and the receiver opens the export file and the application will compare file names and dates to decide whether the local file should be overwritten.

FTAP was designed and developed for the Australian defence force to analyse the percentage damage a ship would receive during an attack.