We have been involved in the design and management of a number of commercial and defence shipping projects. Our strong understanding of 3D model management and our experience in connecting technology to manufacturing we are able to provide a large range of services, including:

  1. Design Services - Hull fairing and surfacing, stiffener and stringer design, bulkhead and bulkhead penetrations, equipment foundations and connections, trunking and spooling, bridge and equipment room layout, weather deck and superstructure plating.
  2. Design Review - Analysis and reporting on existing and proposed design data, ergonomic analysis and reporting, 3D model analysis and repair, engineering drawing checking and repair and translations.
  3. Design Management - CAD system design protocols and modelling methodologies, system automation and customising, document control and release management, clash detection and reporting, customer and internal design reviews.
  4. Design Scheduling - Project schedule integration and mile-stoning, manufacturing liaison and document release integration, process reporting and design reviews, project deliverable management and compliance.