Our design team of established team of rail engineers and designers, have dealt with a large variety of rail related projects from complete locomotive, passenger and freight vehicles to tenders and presentations.

Core members of our rail team have an average of 15 years of rolling stock experience, with the capability to quickly expand our resource profile using its large and extensive network of industry proven rail designers.

We have an industry reputation for utilising leading edge engineering and design approaches. We recognise it is not enough to only have control over the design, we also have significant experience in the coordination of inputs and outcomes from engineering and design with the downstream demands of purchasing, project scheduling and manufacturing.
We have strong proven capacity in:

  1. Development of interior and exterior styling.
  2. Vehicle Structures – manufacturing jigs, major and minor structures, crash-worthiness zones, equipment foundations and penetrations.
  3. Development of extrusions and profiles for aluminium, rubbers and urethanes.
  4. Design of composite components, phenolics, GRP, laminates, mouldings and patterns.
  5. Drivers cabins – instrumentation panels, visibility and storage solutions, electrical lockers, lighting and emergency facilities.
  6. Vehicle interiors – lighting profiles, wall linings, steps and handrails, disability access areas, toilets and bathrooms, dining and kitchen areas, lounges and office spaces.
  7. Project Document Control – release and distribution, version control and configuration management.
  8. Engineering Documentation – engineering and analysis reports, engineering drawings and Bills of Materials, technical proposals, schedules and responses.